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Scheidt True Value Hardware

Walk into Scheidt Hardware and ask for Roger. Chances are you needn't look far. He's the Kris Kringle look-alike parked at the cash register. Can't find him there? Follow your nose to the source of that sweet pipe tobacco in back of the store. There you'll find Roger doing what he does best: helping homeowners who've gotten themselves into a jam. But not to worry; Roger can help even if you can't describe the mess you're in. The man knows that a "doomahicky" is what the hopeless home repairman calls a "faucet washer" and that a "whatamacallit" is pig Latin for "glazier points" (those metal tacks used for replacing old window panes). Just try to get that expertise from the rube at the big-box store. But Scheidt offers more than just Roger's know-how. The store also caters to those with older homes, offering glass cutting, screen repair and hard-to-find hardware that you just can't get anywhere else (and you don't have to buy a 100-pack of that elusive screw you're missing; you can purchase it individually). Oh, and did we mention that Scheidt also sells farm-fresh eggs? Then again, what would you expect from a hardware store that's been in operation for more than a century?

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