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Scheidt Hardware

One cannot walk into Scheidt Hardware and purchase enough tar paper and shingles to cover four standard-size roofs. One cannot rent a deuce-and-a-half truck, buy an install-it-yourself kit for a redwood deck or acquire a battalion of snow-white toilets for the new condo project one is developing. One can, however, choose from a variety of screws and drawer pulls or purchase a high-quality, American-made hammer or buy a pair of nice gardening gloves and some reliable yard tools to actually fix up one's apartment. Scheidt Hardware, you see, is a hardware store for actual people — not contractors or subcontractors. Staffed by helpful, knowledgeable human beings (and an occasional dog who provides a very human ambiance), Scheidt sells things you need for your life. After all, you're far more likely to hang a picture in the next month than you are to install an in-ground sprinkler system. And that's who Scheidt caters to: People who need things like light bulbs and batteries and garden hoses. And hand tools and picture hangers and pipes of various gauges and lengths. People like you.
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