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New Market Hardware Company

If you want to save some time and give money to people rather than corporations, go to New Market Hardware, which has been in business for 93 years on the corner of Laclede and Sarah. Here's a typical interaction: You walk in and a man appears to help you. You tell him you want to store bikes on hooks affixed to a brick wall. He will lead you to hooks as he asks you the weight of the bike. He will explain how to drill into brick as he gets you a masonry bit. He will grab anchors to plug into the holes as he walks underneath photos of the store's patriarch posing with Mr. T and muscle-bound Wrestling at the Chase wrestlers. He'll screw the hooks into the anchor to make sure the fit is snug. He will write up a ticket (by hand): $9.43. He'll smile and bid you farewell. Life! Why must we make it so difficult?
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