Best Happy Hour

Pi Pizzeria

In recent years Pi pizzerias have taken over St. Louis, not only because of their cornmeal crusts and tasty toppings, but because of the specialized nature of each location. Cozy on the corner of Euclid and McPherson, Pi in the Central West End's specialty is its bar, and the bar's specialty is happy hour. Pi's bar opens at 11 a.m.; happy hour starts at 11 a.m. The specials continue until 6 p.m. and include discounts on Schlafly draft beers (appropriately priced at $3.14), house wines and bartender's choice drinks. The latter is really where the magic happens. Unlike other places, which expect you to be happy with well liquors and ambiguous mixers, Pi staffers are conscious of every flavor they're using. They'll take the time to ask guests what they look for in a drink so they can create unique and creative cocktails to your specifications. Mix that care and consideration with the sleek décor of the CWE Pi, shake and pour over ice — and you've got the Best Happy Hour in the Lou.

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