Best Hair on a Local TV Personality (Male)

Chris Stanford

[Note: KMOV terminated Stanford late last month. The decision, no doubt, came from a bald and envious station manager.] As co-anchor of Channel 4's weekend evening broadcast, Chris Stanford inevitably doesn't draw as many viewers as his weekday colleagues. But while this southern Illinois native has some ladder climbing to do before he lands a prime slot, his immaculately crafted chestnut hair is certainly ready for the spotlight. Stanford molds his locks into a traditional but artfully arranged Ivy League 'do, culminating in a splendid crest that presides regally over the center of his forehead. Brian Williams wishes he had such a thick mane, and we're sure that not even Stone Phillips in his heyday could match the gravitas of Stanford's dignified coif. So keep an eye out for this handsome head of hair, St. Louis. It might be kind of a big deal some day.

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