Best Hair on a Local
TV Personality (Male)

Jim Hayes

OK, so that weave atop his pate is not Jim Hayes' actual hair. But then, toupées are a time-honored tradition in television, with famed sports anchor Howard Cosell and weatherman Willard Scott just a few of many broadcasters who've worn a rug before the camera. That said, Hayes' hairpiece is looking especially fitting these days. In past seasons the FSN Midwest reporter (and the host of Cardinals pregame shows), has favored a brown-hued wig that clashed with his graying sides and made him look disturbingly like Paulie Walnuts of Sopranos fame. This season Hayes has toned things down, sporting a salt-and-pepper top that better complements what nature supplied. The drapes match the carpet, as it were — and the whole package looks fabulous.
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