Best Hair on a Local TV Personality (Female)

Sande Stevenson

Sande Stevenson's coif fills all the requisite musts of classic anchorperson hair. It's big, big, BIG. Her curls, while probably rating somewhere between feldspar and quartz on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, look touchably soft on camera. But while most anchorwomen will just smile demurely and thank their behind-the-scenes stylist, Stevenson not only wants to tell her fans how to get her look, she wants them to have her hair. You see, she's the host of a pretty popular YouTube "haul show" called The Socialite Life, a vlog on which she trots out newly purchased outfits and jewelry and tells viewers exactly where she bought them and for how much. That includes the hair, which is often sent to her by companies who want her seal of approval. Most recently Stevenson tried (and liked) Brazilian Natural Body Wave in jet black; before that, it was Russian Molado Hair, which she dyed, conditioned, got rained on, everything, all to let folks know how it responded. Sure, it's just hair, but it shows respect for the basic tenets of journalism: obligation to the truth, loyalty to the citizenry and professional verification.

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