Best Hair on a Local TV Personality (Female)

Robin Smith

Robin Smith isn't the local TV news flavor of the month; if she were a pizza she'd be good old-fashioned pepperoni. Her hairdos, though — those are another matter. Smith, a St. Louis native, rose to prominence in the mid-1970s at KTVI-TV (Channel 2), and even then you could tell she was headed no place but up. The unmistakable harbinger of future glory? Why, from jump street the woman was rockin' the hair. No coif said "I mean business" better than Smith's trademark topknot, which perched nightly atop her head like an apple glued to a bowling ball. Time has passed, of course, and at some point in the journey Smith's topknot fell by the wayside. But after flirting with mildness in the form of a swooping, short 'do, Robin now frames her face with angular bangs and enough body on top to suspect the presence of a Bumpit. Sophistication with an edge! Soccer mom meets Rihanna! However you choose to characterize it, Robin Smith's hairstyle is right in line with her persona: Experienced enough to be trusted, current enough to be relevant.

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