Best Hair on a Local TV Personality (Female)

Bonita Cornute

TV hair and regular, non-televised hair are two totally separate things — especially for women. Your average, everyday lady doesn't use a can and a half of Aqua Net on her tresses! Nor is she at the salon every five minutes getting color touchups and the like. In all of local TV land, there is but one coif that stands out as a real-woman success story: that of Bonita Cornute of KTVI-TV (Channel 2). We appreciate this general-assignment reporter's no-nonsense approach both to covering the news and to styling. Her super-short locks afford her a professional look not easily achieved by those who're sprayed, flat-ironed and flipped. And we're sure Ms. Cornute laughs at the many, many minutes her counterparts at other stations spend in hair and makeup while she's out getting the story before them.

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