Best Hair on a Local TV Personality (Female)

Cindy Preszler

No matter the forecast -- be it rain, hail, sleet or snow -- meteorologist Cindy Preszler's hairdo is Santa Barbara in the summertime: golden sunlight, cloudless skies, a hint of lavender on a gentle breeze. It is her silky smoove coiffure that provides the rest of us with the wherewithal to endure each horseshit weather forecast she throws our way. We tell ourselves: "If Cindy and her amazing hair can look this fabulous, then maybe, just maybe, I can open the door and go outside." Ever modest, Preszler credits her brilliant coif to hairdresser Bob Garner of the chic Stonewater Spa at Plaza Frontenac. "I've been going to Bob for a couple years," Preszler dishes. "He's great." We're sure he is. But just as no man controls the weather, Preszler's honeyed highlights must owe their beauty to a higher power. Hair that gorgeous is a gift from above.
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