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Go! Gyro! Go!

The bedrock of a fine gyro is the meat, of course, and food truck Go! Gyro! Go! doesn't disappoint. Owner Nick Cowlen and his staff slice tender strips of meat, the traditional combination of beef and lamb, from hunks turning on spits right there on the truck. Its flavor offers lamb's natural grassiness, rounded out by richer beef, with a hint of spice. So far, so good, but far too many gyro makers swamp their meat with too many vegetables, too much sauce. Go! Gyro! Go! understands the importance of proportion and takes care to accent the meat with precise proportions of fresh tomato, red onion and parsely, feta cheese and tangy homemade tzatziki sauce. Folded into lightly grilled pita, it makes for a delicious — and portable — lunch.

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