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We could tell you about how the best gym in St. Louis is locally owned, cheap, doesn't require contracts and has a decidedly un-"24-Hour Corporate Fitness" feel to it. We could tell you how the workmanlike setting of brick walls, floor fans and free weights encourages busting ass instead of checking out asses. We could even, against our better judgment, brag about how the place is almost never crowded. But the Fitness Vault doesn't need any of that to take the crown. All you need to know is that on the second floor, in the back corner, tucked behind a couple stationary bikes, is a shrine to your fitness forefathers: an actual StairMaster 6000, circa 1985. Whether you grew up playing Odell Lake and Oregon Trail on an Apple II or pwning n00bs on Xbox 360, be sure to check out this relic in all its CRT monitor glory. Pay your respects, mix up a protein shake and go get your sweat on.

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