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Southside Guns & Sharpshooters Range

Set aside, for a moment, the fact that there's an on-site barbecue joint at Southside Guns & Sharpshooters Range, and it's easy to see that this shop is worth training your sights on. Occupying two buildings off Gravois Road, the gun shop itself sits within the large back section of a jewelry and pawn shop. Walk past the old power tools and golf clubs, and you'll encounter a firearms paradise with shimmering glass displays of pistols, racks of shotguns, long rifles and a truly drool-worthy display of carbines. Across the parking lot (which is bordered by cylindrical posts painted to look like bullets, of course) you'll find a twenty-lane shooting range to test out that new hand cannon, or you can rent a dizzying array of guns, all the way up to .50-caliber monstrosities that'll blast those paper targets into oblivion. A day at the range costs $19, and adding a shooting buddy will only set you back another $8. And about that barbecue: Make sure to grab a coupon to the Pit and Grill (tagline: "It's Bang Good!") after your expend that last shell — exercising those Second Amendment rights works up a mean appetite.

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