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Metro Shooting Supplies

Whether you live in the Second Amendment utopia of Missourah or the restrictive liberal purgatory of Illinois, Metro Shooting Supplies is the place to go for your constitutionally mandated freedom. Locations in Bridgeton and Belleville, Illinois, carry a full lineup of handguns, shotguns and rifles, and feature indoor shooting ranges that can accommodate calibers up to 30.06. And of course, there are always high-caliber staffers ready to assist, whether you reload your own ammunition, or don't know the difference between a rifle and a carbine. What really makes Metro Shooting Supplies the best in St. Louis, though, is Target Talk, the company's sponsored radio show on KTRS (550 AM). Every Sunday at 6 p.m. Steven King and Amy Chase take calls and discuss products and issues relevant to the local firearm community. The conversation is heavy on the politics of gun ownership, if that's your thing, but even if it isn't you might learn a thing or two from guest experts and firearm trivia. "Shooters ready? Stand by..."

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