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Mid America Arms

There are two types of gun shoppers: the excited and the intimidated. Mid America Arms welcomes both. The excited will be, er, blown away by the impressive selection of handguns, hunting rifles, semi-automatics and more, all arranged in orderly fashion along the store's back wall. (The rest of the store is chock-full of accessories, from the latest in tactical wear to gun safes so sturdy that even if you don't survive the apocalypse, your guns certainly will.) The intimidated, meanwhile, will find a friendly staff eager to offer advice and answer questions. Are you a first-time buyer who wants to protect your family and property? You might think a handgun is the obvious choice, but a Mid America employee might suggest a pump-action shotgun instead. When you blanch at that much firepower, the employee will point out that merely pumping the shotgun can be a deterrent. Indeed, the atmosphere at Mid America Arms is so friendly that your transition from intimidated customer to excited one might occur before you complete your first purchase.

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