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There's nothing wrong with advance planning. Some local theater companies announce their plays a year ahead of time; some even cast their shows a year in advance. Then there is the occasional production that slips in under the radar, a story that a few people want to tell so badly that they just go out and do it. And sometimes the result is laced with passion. Evidently Michele Dumoulin so wanted to portray Carol, the confused college coed who brings a professor to his knees in David Mamet's harrowing Oleanna, that she produced the play herself (in conjunction with the peripatetic Vanity Theatre banner). Jennifer Marissa Bock and David A. Lane co-directed with steely discipline. From the moment Andrew Michael Neiman uttered his first line at the top of Act One, the production was infused with ferocity and danger. These folks did everything right — except the publicity.

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