Best Guacamole

Garduño's Mexican Food

Available in four- and twelve-ounce servings, Garduño's fresh and flavorful guac provides endless possibilities. Start off with the simple approach — grab some tortilla chips and dig into the lovely, chunky (but not too unwieldy to scoop) treat. Note the dominant avocado flavor. That might sound like a no-brainer, but when was the last time you ate guacamole and noticed the flavor of the main ingredient? OK, now experiment with the pico de gallo that rests in the middle of the green pasture. Try out different combos of onion, tomato and guacamole. Then, when you've begun to fully appreciate the subtle yet rewarding flavors, share the love — spread some guacamole on your quesadilla, your taco, your burrito or that tasty tostada. A substance this rich shouldn't be relegated to chips and chips alone.

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