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Let's play a game with prepositions. (Wait, please keep reading.) Which would you rather have: guacamole before dinner, guacamole with dinner or guacamole on dinner? OK, so it's a trick question. What we're interested in is guacamole for dinner — especially when said guac comes from KoKo, the great pan-Latin/Creole place on Ivanhoe. The menu is uniformly tempting, but it's the guacamole that draws us back again and again. KoKo's outstanding avocado dip is vibrant, luscious and even inventive, thanks to the inspired inclusion of coconut milk rather than crme fraîche, roasted garlic and smoky Caribbean spices. And if you're expecting ho-hum tortilla chips, then you clearly haven't experienced the unexpected flourishes that make KoKo such a delight. The "chips" here are thick slices of fried yellow plantains, dusted with slightly fiery spices. Delicious on their own, the plantain chips are otherworldly when topped with KoKo's guacamole. You could be nice and share,, you really needn't. This is, after all, your dinner.
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