Best Guacamole

Pueblo Solis

Don't call the guacamole at Pueblo Solis a "dip." That would imply that this otherworldly guac is merely something to liven up tortilla chips. Instead, refer to the restaurant's warm, delicious chips as "guacamole spoons." Al Solis' convivial Mexican eatery does right by the avocado, mashing it just slightly, leaving the pieces plump and firm rather than blending them into a homogenized puddle of green. In this, the finest guacamole in town, avocados commingle with the freshest tomatoes, cilantro and onions, and it's all kissed with a spritz of lime juice. Don't be shy: Use every last guacamole spoon and then ask your friendly server for another basketful. Put the guacamole on your fajitas, your enchiladas, your list of Favorite Things to Eat in St. Louis. We've got it at the top.
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