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Local Harvest Grocery

When was the last time you saw a neighborhood grocery store that you wanted to visit? In a Norman Rockwell painting? The neighborhood grocery store might not be as dead and gone as the dodo, but it's close, squeezed out of our lives from the top (supermarket chains both local and national) and the bottom (7-Eleven and its nefarious clones). But in the past few years, a handful of astute entrepreneurs have realized that a neighborhood grocery store can provide something far more easily than either the big boys or the convenience stores can: the neighborhood. Local Harvest Grocery might not stock the largest selection of meat, fruits, vegetables and dry goods, but much of what it does offer comes from local farms and producers — like lamb from Prairie Grass Farms, mushrooms from Ozark Forest, baked goods from Black Bear Bakery, Goshen Coffee and much, much more. It's a great place to learn more about how your food is grown, and an essential resource for those mornings when you sleep through the local farmers' market.

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