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We know what you're thinking: "With all the corner markets around town, plus two natural-foods supermarkets, you bozos choose a local chain that doesn't even have a store within the St. Louis city limits? What a cop-out!" OK, we'll be the first to admit Dierbergs isn't perfect. No local grocery store is perfect, which is a shame, because everyone in America ought to have the inalienable right to a perfect grocery store. But Dierbergs is the best we've got. Sure, you can do your organic shopping elsewhere, and your boutiquey gourmet shopping elsewhere, but let's call a big-ass bargain pack of chicken wings a big-ass bargain pack of chicken wings. In this great land of ours, a grocery store is a grocery store. It's an enormous swath of fluorescently lit acreage where you can procure all the stuff you need, food- and drink- and toilet paper- and Swiffer-wise, to live like a normal human being. Dierbergs is that place. Plus, the wine department is better than many a local wine shop. As if that ain't enough, Dierbergs is the only grocery we know of in town that carries the sliced variety of brown sugar-cured bacon from Burgers' Smokehouse in California, Missouri.
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