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Global Foods Market

Few grocery stores can stake a rightful claim to being a bona-fide tourist destination, but then few grocery stores are as wild as Global Foods Market. The international supermarket routinely plays host to busloads of out-of-town guests whose tour of St. Louis includes less exotic destinations such as the Gateway Arch, Forest Park and the Anheuser-Busch brewery. Once inside it's easy to see what separates Global Foods from your bread-and-butter grocer. The store stocks its shelves with edibles from nearly every country on earth, courtesy of more than 170 distributors worldwide. Of particular note: the produce section, which, in addition to your traditional carrots, cabbage and such, offers stuff like durian fruit and slender green opo gourds. Also worth checking out is the bevy of beers and wines, which can supply the makings of an around-the-world voyage without ever leaving your barstool. Imagine: All that and Budweiser, Wonder Bread and Hot Pockets too!
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