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Home Eco

In a way, a first visit to Home Eco feels like a rude awakening. Taking in the earth-friendly cleaners, the kitchen and bathroom gadgets that save water, the cork and bamboo flooring that hail from sustainable forests — "guilty" doesn't even begin to describe it. But that's OK, all is well within minutes of your arrival. This wonderful green store, open almost three years now in the heart of Southampton, has everything required for getting off on the right foot with the environment once and for all. Patio furniture made with recycled milk jugs and toothbrushes from recycled paper. Coasters fashioned from plastic wrappers and doormats from flip-flops. Coffee filters come in hemp or metal; cleaning solutions are available for bulk refills. There are bigger-ticket items, too, like a radiant heating system made in nearby Shrewsbury. Co-owner Phil Judd is happy to rattle off the lengthy list of items that are made locally — yet another reason it's never long before the next visit.

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