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Friday Luncheons at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church

OK, so a church gymnasium is not technically a restaurant, but no one in the area serves up more authentic Greek food than Assumption Greek Orthodox Church. By now, the Friday Luncheons at Assumption should be well known, as this St. Louis tradition has been going on for years. Every Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Assumption turns its little corner of Town & Country into an Olympian feast, with parishioners proudly sharing their Greek heritage through food. This is no ad-hoc potluck, however. Assumption's website dedicates prominent, permanent space to the endeavor, where it displays the month's rotating menu selections, broken down week by week. The gym/dining hall accommodations are (ahem) Spartan, but what does one expect from a pop-up, cafeteria-style facility? Sure, you can find favorites such as moussaka, pastitsio and gyros at fancier Greek restaurants in town, but they won't be served up with the extra dash of love that comes from the hands of your adopted Greek yia yia.

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