Best Greek Restaurant

Momos Ouzaria Taverna

For those who delight in the many wonders of Mediterranean cuisine, Momos Ouzaria Taverna is a delight of many wonders, from its well-thought-out menu to its colorful décor and warm ambiance. Htipiti, a roasted-red-pepper spread zinged with capers, feta cheese and olive oil to be scooped up with warm pita bread, is dangerously easy to fill up on, but given the scope of entrées and generosity of portions, you might want to take it easy on the starters. Or do what we do and take a tapas-style approach to your meal. If the Spaniards sent small plates sailing around the world, the countries of the mid-Mediterranean invented the concept, and Momos offers an abundantly representative sample: spreads, soups, salads, gyros and pasta; kryoi (cold) mezes and zestoi (hot) mezes. The latter list includes a killer char-grilled octopus, whose delicious existence never fails to make us rethink that whole small-plates strategy. The drink menu is just as long as the food menu, featuring cocktails named for gods and goddesses, along with wines and beers and, of course, the famed Greek anise liqueur ouzo. Note: This last beverage mixes exceptionally well with Momos' live entertainment: sword-wielding belly dancers.

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