Best Greek Restaurant

Momos Ouzaria Taverna

In Greek mythology, Momos is the god of mockery, which essentially means he was the loudmouth jerk of Mount Olympus. After subjecting several of his brethren and sistren to his ridicule, he made the mistake of aiming his mockery at Zeus and got himself kicked off. So it might seem risky to name a restaurant after a guy who, if he were real, would be the fella nobody would ever invite to dinner. But that's what the owners of Momos did, and we applaud them for it. St. Louisans are lucky to have a number of solid Greek restaurants to choose from, but Momos ups the ante with an assortment of meze (small plates) to complement selections more familiar to American palates. Cold meze (called kryoi) range from artichoke hearts in herb vinaigrette to smoked salmon with goat cheese in a citrus mustard sauce to garlic-roasted beets with skordalia. An even longer list of hot meze (or zestoi) includes classics such as saganaki and spanikopita, but also less-common selections such as eggplant fries and grilled lokaneko sausage. Being a tavern, Momos also serves ouzo, beer and a variety of cocktails, some of which are named after famous Greeks both real and mythological. Just try not to drink too much and end up like you-know-who.

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