Best Greek Restaurant

Olympia Kebob House & Taverna

Sometimes you just don't mess with success. We loved 'em last year and we love 'em this year and locals have loved 'em for more than twenty years. At last count, there were about a dozen Greek restaurants in the St. Louis area, all of them serving gyros. But a gyro only goes so far. We want grilled lamb, we want hummus redolent of garlic and lemon, we want fresh moussaka topped with a rich béchamel sauce. And we count on Olympia to serve it all up. Sure, the service can be as slow as melting cheese, but have another beer, or another shot of ouzo. There's a large assortment of micro- and imported brews as well as California wines, but for fun try one of the many Greek wines available. Regardless of your beverage of choice, shrimp saganaki (jumbo shrimp in garlic butter and melted feta), the Mediterranean Meltdown (spinach dip with melted cheese) and the flaming kasseri cheese will make you shout opa!
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