Best Goofy TV Commercial

Becky's Carpet & Tile Superstore

If you grew up watching those hokey ads for the Slyman Brothers, Steve Mizerany or even those Kings of Credit at Schweig-Engel, you'll recognize Becky "Queen of Carpet" Rothman as a worthy heir to a long St. Louis tradition of goofball television spots. There she is, on late-night TV, in a glittering evening gown, sporting a crown, floating on a magic carpet, hawking -- what else? -- floor tiles and carpets. What was her inspiration? "It was just the idea of queens, of royalty, of having something nice -- and then, what's better than a flying carpet?" Becky says. Do the ads work? Becky claims some customers ask to see the magic carpets, and some may actually be serious. And it's also made her a miniceleb outside of St. Louis: "Actually, I was in New Orleans less than a year ago for a computer-training seminar, and I'll be darned if I wasn't out on Bourbon Street, and someone said, 'I know you -- you're from St. Louis.'" The ads are produced on location, unless the ad calls for flying -- then Becky turns to CCD Productions. Becky says she draws her inspiration from current events -- for example, when John Vincent scaled the Gateway Arch in 1992, she decided it was time for her to climb the national monument (on TV) and take a leap, too. What's the next high-concept ad campaign going to look like? "We've thought about parachuting now."
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