Best Gooey Butter Cake

Gooey Louie

You wouldn't think the rules of nutrition would apply to dessert, but they do. For example, anything containing fruit, such as an apple pie, will always be better for you than anything containing chocolate. By the same token, a gooey-butter cake that is made from fresh butter and cream cheese and eggs straight off the farm is better for you than a gooey butter cake made from processed ingredients. A gooey butter cake sold at Whole Foods must be really, really good for you. The only gooey butter cake in town worthy of this honor is the one from Gooey Louie, also sold at an eponymous storefront in St. Louis Hills. There you can choose from thirteen flavors of gooey butter cake, with St. Louis-specific names such as Hwy 40: Driving Me Nuts. They come in a variety of sizes, including full-size, bite-size and personal-size, the last of which is served with a tiny spoon so you can start eating as soon as you get in the car. Why wait till you get home? It's good for you!

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