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The practice greens at the exclusive private country clubs within chipping distance of Des Peres' Golfsmith are lined with handsome, decades-old trees and, out on the courses themselves, gold coins are used in place of traditional metal ball markers. Er, probably: Proletarian weekend golfers can only dream of the amenities offered at the hotsy-totsy places around town, yet they're just as entitled to the game's top technology as the bourgeoise — and the best golf-related gadgetry can be found at Golfsmith. The front of the store is dominated by a simulated driving range with five separate stalls, and farther back in the impeccably organized space is a 700-square-foot putting green that's surrounded by — OK, not mature oaks, but hundreds and hundreds of clubs available for practice and purchase. The store's two club-fitting studios use the online SmartFit system, which calculates measurements — from the length of your longest finger to the length of your average drive — to construct clubs so specific to your needs that you'll have to find something else to blame your wicked slice on. But Golfsmith can fix that, too: The company GolfTEC leases space within the store, and its PGA-certified teaching pros offer swing analysis and lessons at the onsite practice bays.

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