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Birdie Golf

Though long dominated by rich WASPs with bad pants, golf continues to explode in popularity — most notably among the young and the female. Birdie Golf caters to both in a tidy shop that could easily be mistaken for an upscale boutique. Gone are the tacky, shapeless outfits; in their place are trendy, well-crafted shirts in a spectrum of colors and flattering skirts and shorts. Accessories are the real treat here, from the Nicole Miller bags for golf gloves to the exquisite line of Ecco shoes and handcrafted sandals. And why stop at outfitting yourself when you can also accent your home with bathroom and kitchen accessories, cocktail glasses and barbecue wares? You'll pay a bit more for such luxuries, but you can always write a sweet IOU to your credit-card company on something you've picked out from Birdie Golf's selection of unique, gorgeous stationery.
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