Best Goat

Pueblo Nuevo

Bacon is so last year. Goat is the new "it" meat — or should be. At a time when pork is overexposed, steak is overpriced, and chicken is, well, chicken, goat is a refreshingly pungent alternative. Introduce yourself to its rich, funky flavor at Pueblo Nuevo, where it's the centerpiece of the Mexican restaurant's standout dish, birria. This traditional stew offers tender hunks of goat meat in a thick, smoky and very spicy red chile sauce. The goat more than stands up to the sauce, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice gives the meat the perfect accent. Next year, when the bandwagon is full, and there are goat-flavored lollipops and chocolate bars, you can say you were there at the beginning, sopping up the last drops of delicious birria with a fresh corn tortilla.

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