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You just got the dinner invite -- another birthday. You know what you should do: Head to the "Best Art Supply Store," pick up some materials and march right home to fashion a homemade card from the heart that will be pretty enough to frame. Yeah, right. You know what you're tempted to do: the old reliable Insert Amount Here gift certificate from Insert Name Here. Oh, stop hyperventilating, unfurrow your brow and get yourself over to Plowsharing Crafts, where you'll find purses, cloth napkins, placemats, jewelry and beautiful hand-crafted cards. Plowsharing is part of the fair-trade, nonprofit Ten Thousand Villages group, which means all items have been purchased from artisans around the world for a fair wage. (Plus, Plowsharing's staff is made up of volunteers.) And talk about a memorable handmade gift! Beats a boring old gift certificate any day.
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