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Botanicals on the Park

Botanicals on the Park is the place to buy grown-up gifts for people who don't equate stylish housewares with matching Big Gulp cups, don't think a plastic grocery bag is the best carrier for picnic supplies and don't snatch their salt and pepper shakers from fast-food restaurants. Botanicals stocks martini sets and shakers, handmade Romanian wine glasses, beaded wine covers, napkin rings, decorative pillows, stylish nightlights, scented candles, pretty soaps and, yes, salt and pepper shakers -- but ones that are shaped like fish. They're also well-known for holiday-themed gifts: St. Patty's Day shamrocks, collectible Santas and miniature haunted houses. With such a wide gift selection, there's something for every budget. The store also has a respectable gift-card selection, as well as a florist. As we overheard one store customer say during a recent excursion, "They sure got everything."
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