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Benito's Gelato

It's a vast understatement to say that Benito's Gelato is committed to quality: The shop concocts its dreamy Italian ice cream with ingredients and gelato machines imported from Italy, using a modified recipe from the family of company cofounder Judy Bellos. As a result, the gelato at Benito's possesses authentic, fresh flavor — no chemical aftertaste here. Deep Espresso — in which real beans add bitter crunch to velvety coffee gelato — and the rich (yet light) Gianduia (chocolate-hazelnut) are highlights. Fruit-based flavors are just as explosive; Blood Orange is tart enough to pucker your lips, while Strawberry Cheesecake is sweet without being cloying. Classics such as Stracciatella (chocolate chip) and Tiramisu are always available, but Benito's also rotates in specialty flavors on a weekly basis. Go ahead and be tempted by the Kaldi's coffee, rows of fancy truffles and chocolates and lunch sandwich specials. Just make sure to save plenty of room for gelato.

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