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This secret south-side gem sits in plain sight on the corner of Jefferson and Shenandoah avenues, a choice spot for those looking to venture away from the bustling nightclub scene of the Grove. Instead, prepare for grownups who enjoy singing along with a piano. In addition to its gay-friendly atmosphere, Keypers is a classic piano bar equipped with a baby-grand and human jukebox. Patrons are encouraged to select songs from a long list or see if the pianist can handle oddball requests. The resident pianist knows anything from Barbra Streisand to The Phantom of the Opera to Roger Miller; it's a crapshoot to figure out what will come from the keys next. The reasonably priced drinks keep butts in the seats, but it's the classic crystal chandeliers and stemmed glasses that give the room an upscale vibe and make you feel like you're in a romantic musical. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention the bathtub and giant half-cheeseburger patio by way of décor. Every gay bar needs a little kitsch, right?

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