Best Gay Bar

Erney's 32°

A relative newcomer to the gay-bar-friendly Grove neighborhood, Erney's 32° has quickly established itself front-and-center. The brainchild of owner Mark Erney, the club draws its theme from the ice-cold vodka drinks served at the bar and inside the club's "VodBox." What, you ask, is a VodBox? Why, it's a walk-in cooler whose temp is kept just above freezing, where patrons can enjoy vodka in its natural environment (think Moscow in January). Rest assured, though. The drinks are the only things frigid at Erney's 32°. The club features a sleek Jimmy Jamieson-designed bar and dance floor decorated with diaphanous white curtains that change colors when the music starts thumping. And in summer months, the club's spacious outdoor patio keeps the party going till 3 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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