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It ain't easy being a gay bar anymore. They may all soon be in some virtual nexus formed from Second Life, and Xtube. Or it might be that gay bars go the way of the Negro Leagues after Jackie Robinson, as the dichotomies between straight and gay clubs melt. But for now gay boys still want to get out and bump up against hard biceps in a crowded room. And so they go to Clementine's. Clem's manages to be both a neighborhood bar — drawing in Soulard locals with a New Orleans-like happy hour from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. — and a destination bar, packing them in on the patio on Sunday afternoons. The Sunday crowd ranges from prep to frat to bear to twink, with all the gay subspecies in between, and all crammed together hip to haunch. The barroom is in the classic style, with a large circular bar in the center. Guys can pose or prowl around the edges. Or they can just play pool or throw darts. Clem's is the oldest gay bar in St. Louis. And like all grand ladies, she will survive.

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