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How can you not adore a drinking establishment that has the good sense to offer happy-hour prices from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. each and every weekday? Who among us could fault a restaurant whose menu offers comfort foods like chicken pot pie and prime rib at prices so low there's no need for home cooking? Who could but admire a bar that once a year holds the Wet Jockey Contest, a peculiar ritual in which grown men are encouraged to strip down to their tighty-whiteys and get doused in water? In other words, what's not to love about Clementine's? You won't find ear-thumping beats and preening boy-toys in this Soulard watering hole (OK, maybe a few of latter). Instead, Clementine's wood-paneled bar exudes a low-key vibe: folks shooting pool, throwing darts, generally just out to have a good time. Nothing fancy — but fancy doesn't guarantee you'll be around long enough to lay claim to the title "St. Louis' Oldest Gay Bar." And fancy doesn't get you into the Best of St. Louis, either. Cheers, Clementine's: Y'all do it right.
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