Best Gay Bar

The Complex

For Queer As Folk fans, the Complex is about as close as St. Louis can come to Babylon, the club where Michael, Dr. Dave, Brian, Justin, Ted and Emmett regularly socialize. The booming sound system cranks out some great disco/dance tunes while a light show and mirrored disco ball gleam in the bar's industrial steel on the walls and bars. With four bars -- a video bar where you can order food (from a fairly extensive menu for a bar, complete with shrimp scampi), one just south of the dance floor, one right by the dance floor and one downstairs -- you actually have a shot at some quiet conversation before the volume is cranked up late in the evening. Friendly bartenders offering attentive service can mix up some great alcoholic concoctions for you. When you stop by, be sure to try the Cosmopolitan martini.
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