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The humble American gas station grants welcome refuge amid the bustling insanity of modern life. No longer just a few pumps and a surly attendant, these testaments to convenience are often stocked with a full liquor section, a bank of fountain drinks and enough candy to give diabetes to every third-grader in the state. But those seeking something more substantial are often disappointed when they’re faced with a shelf of garbage sandwiches sealed in sad plastic pouches. Not so at QuikTrip, where hungry travelers are greeted by slowly rotating hot dogs, egg rolls and even taquitos. Crunchy, cheesy and glistening with unlabeled calories, these rotating meat cylinders will sate even the most savage road hunger, while the on-site kitchen will crank out a fresh sandwich, pizza or wrap in minutes, just for you. Multiple area locations, including: 2633 South Big Bend Boulevard, Maplewood, 63143. 314-647-7114,
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