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Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop

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Few things have the mind-quieting satisfaction of gardening, or even tending to a few potted plants. We’re mentioning that for no specific reason, because these are completely normal times and it is in no way overwhelming to have a narcissistic maniac running our country during a plague. Anyway, should you feel the need to direct your thoughts toward something relaxing and good, Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop is a wonderful resource. Set in a repurposed old house with the greenhouse around back, Maypop offers a pleasant escape. One window at the front porch is set up for your coffee order, while another on the side is the pickup window, which helps avoid any customer gridlock. The shop offers curbside service for its wide variety of lovely plants, and you can even sign up for a monthly subscription service. The idea of having a new plant to look forward to every month seems appealing. You can also watch instructional videos, streamed through Maypop’s Facebook page. That’s probably a better use of your time than the doom scrolling you had planned. — Doyle Murphy

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