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Flowers & Weeds did, in fact, take over a space occupied by another, prior garden center. But the transition between what was and what is couldn't be more stark; in the still-evolving story of Cherokee Street's continued reinvention, F&W is one of the real wins. Since its arrival as a brick-and-mortar store in 2014, Flowers & Weeds has grown steadily with, its website notes, "our own flower cutting garden, greenhouse, garden center, floral cooler and DIY terrarium station." The latter, in fact, is one of the more interesting spaces in F&W's delightful interior and, on the weekends, it's not uncommon to find a few folks creating on the spot. Outside, there is a significant amount of room given over to Missouri native plants, as well as seasonal vegetables and herbs. While other centers will offer more variety, if only due to added space, Flowers & Weeds does a lot with less. It's become a lovely little rectangular sliver of the south side, part of a sturdy business district at the remarkably creative intersection of Compton and Cherokee.

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