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Studies have suggested that plants respond to sound, which might explain what we saw a few months back at Colors of Spring: an employee crouched over a tray of violets, gently pouring some water into one corner, coaxing, "Come on, now!" to a droopy bloom. Though it's unlikely that each plant, tree, flower and shrub gets talked to daily, the exquisite level of care given to living things at Colors of Spring is evident at every turn. Cascading blooms spill out of hanging planters (nary a dead head in the bunch), cheerful vincas perk up the gloomiest day, and the gorgeous prearranged mixed baskets will make you look like a container-gardening genius. If your lawn and garden needs are beyond what a few hanging plants can remedy, the Lindenwood Park shop will draw up a landscaping plan for your yard for free — provided that you purchase from the nursery, of course. The staff is knowledgeable and easy to work with: After all, if they pay that much attention to a single wilted flower, imagine how lush and beautiful an entire yard would be! 3298 Watson Road, St. Louis, 63139. 314-781-0765
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