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Garden Heights Nursery

We're lucky in St. Louis to have the world-renowned Missouri Botanical Garden. But ask yourself: When was the last time you had the free time required to explore that garden? For the harried masses still pondering the question, we offer a solution. Next time you're traveling through Richmond Heights on Big Bend Boulevard, do yourself a favor and stop by Garden Heights Nursery. It will take just a few minutes, and you'll be glad you did. The nursery — with its rooftop flora display and shaded walking trails past trees, shrubs and flowers — is damn near as beautiful as anything MoBot has to offer. Garden Heights even has its own Climatron (of sorts), with the recent addition of a greenhouse attached to its gift shop. (Check out the bonsai trees growing inside!) And, also, like the botanical garden, Garden Heights has bins for recycling used pots and planters. A friendly and knowledgeable staff makes the visit all the more rewarding, whether you stay long enough to make a purchase or leave immediately after smelling the roses.

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