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Bowood Farms

Perhaps it is our love for all things bison that continually draws us back to Bowood Farms. Or maybe it's that after a long afternoon of trying to decide if the garden would be better served by the Clarksville-grown sweet coneflower that is so fetching or the French lavender that'll draw the hummingbirds, we know we can drag our weary feet over to the comfortable lounge in the gift-shop area and choose from one of hundreds of books that address that very question. Luckily, we don't have to limit ourselves to just one book. The fabulously knowledgeable folks at St. Louis' best garden center will happily provide you with a box to fill with your favorite gardening must-haves. The more time you spend at Bowood, the more you come to understand that this is no ordinary garden shop. The bison head on the wall, along with the "Blue Satin" rose of Sharon you just can't resist, both come from the Bowood Farm in Clarksville, the epicenter of the operation. It is there that many of the plants for purchase are grown, and of course, it is also the land where the bison roam. If you're the least bit intimidated, being a where-to-begin new gardener, we suggest you relax, go hungry (so you can try breakfast or lunch at the adjoining Cafe Osage, which happens to serve said bison) and let the helpful gardeners/employees show you the way. You won't be disappointed.

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