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Beckmann Brothers Landscaping

If the world did indeed live in the palatial estates and country manors favored as settings in the home-improvement shows and magazines, every one of us would shop at Beckmann Brothers for our landscape needs. Massive rocks suitable for the most rustic flagstones, neat phalanxes of hedges to ring our castles, soft carpets of gorgeous blooms stretching toward the horizon -- whatever our yardly need, we'd all find it at Beckmann's. Alas, some of us live in second-floor walkups, and so when we seek to beautify our little haven, we journey to -- yes, Beckmann Brothers. A broad selection of houseplants suitable for the most meager window box, a truly generous array of vegetable seedlings (or actual seeds, for those who like to start projects at the very beginning) and, most important, a knowledgeable staff capable of answering questions and suggesting perhaps a better plant for that indirectly lit window box frequented by marauding squirrels. Beckmann's offers the same high quality in quantities both epic in scope and modest in budget.
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