Best Garage Band

Dad Jr.

"Cock rock" describes tunes played to the beat of a pelvic thrust, mostly in relation to males working through their midlife crises. The members of Dad Jr.'s crew are barely half as old as most cock-rockers, but they've taken a quick detour that might ruin their chances of being future weekend warriors. Mr. Hands, the foursome's lead guitarist, has literally slammed his flaccid penis against the six-string in lieu of shredding. The solos, a hallmark of rock & roll everywhere, are, after all, masturbatory. Dad Jr.'s tendency to trim the fat and lay things bare extends to its succinct songs. Mr. Hands rarely goes balls out, and his fretwork induces a midsummer garage-rock fever dream. Dr. Jackstraw pounds away on the set with little remorse, keeping the foursome's tunes in tow with striking fills. The whole affair chugs along fast and dirty, bringing a dense set of riffs rife with leather jackets and sunglasses.

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