Best Garage Band

The Vultures

In a few short years, the Vultures have grown from three scrappy, underage rock & roll acolytes into one of the leading lights of this city's garage-band community. The trio's sets have moved from charmingly shambolic to drum-tight, plying audiences with primal screams, twangy guitar runs and a soulful, rubbery backbeat. The Vultures keep the needle moving by touching on rockabilly, swamp rock and gritty blues with little nuggets of pop bliss thrown in for sweetening. What's more, bassist and singer/shrieker Trashley spreads the dirt-rock love on her radio show, Talkin' Trash, on KDHX (88.1 FM) from midnight till 2 a.m. on Tuesday nights, playing first-generation punk, blue-eyed soul and rockabilly into the wee small hours. The Vultures are a band whose mission is the music, and the trio aims to win converts by any means necessary.
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