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If you use galleries to encounter intriguing new ideas in form, in texture and in language, Reese Gallery is probably already on your rounds. If not, now it can be. In most cases, shows pair two artists in different media — often sizable ceramic pieces alongside two-dimensional works, hung sparely around the room — whose work has overlap in some direction. What that resonance is can easily become the thesis of the show. The artists are reliably fascinating, and the atmosphere of the gallery, especially on opening night, is impeccable, offering the warmth of a neighborhood-nestled, century-old building thoughtfully remodeled with the cool artistic acumen of a demanding curator. Recent shows include work by punk-marinated fabulist Jerome Gaynor, ceramic remixer Malcolm Mobutu Smith, beauty spelunker Casey Miller and pop intuitionist Jessica Bremehr. Shows have included handmade paint, graffiti grief, a stark fashion show and perfectly lovely, functional dishware. Great galleries are like satisfying art: Each encounter is a new trick of the mind.

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